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DHMO - Prepaid Dental Insurance Plan
(Available in selected HumanaDental markets)

Can I go to any dentist?
No. You and each of your dependents must select a dentist who participates in the HumanaDental Prepaid/DHMO Network. This primary care dentist will take care of your dental needs.

What's the benefit of seeing a HumanaDental network dentist?
The plan will not cover services, except emergency care, from a dentist who does not participate in the Network.

For the most current dentist information or to verify if a dentist participates in the HumanaDental DHMO Network, visit our Dentist FinderPop-up Window

What is the billing process?

  • When you visit your primary care dentist, simply present your HumanaDental identification card. You may be required to pay a co-payment for some services.
  • If the dental services received were not covered by the dental insurance plan, the dentist will bill you for the charges. You pay your dentist directly, if applicable.