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New Registration

Information you need when you need it.

By registering, you gain online access to a wealth of information including benefit eligibility, claims status, history, and more! Registration only takes a few moments. To get started, select the appropriate link below:

  • Member registration - Check the status of a claim, request an ID card, check benefit eligibility and more.
  • Employer registration - View the administration guide, download enrollment forms, customize directories, view your billing statements and more.
  • Broker registration - Quote and enroll HumanaDental business, view commissions and reports, print enrollment forms, view and print standard or customized plan summaries, order or print sales and marketing materials and forms.
  • Dentist registration - Review patient eligibility and benefit information, check the status of your patients' claims and more.

If you have questions during the registration process, we're here to help. Simply call the number provided on the registration pages listed above.