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Spring 2003
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Taking care of your dentures

Dentures are one of the most expensive dental services you can receive, so it makes sense to take care of them. Denture care is a lot like taking care of natural teeth, and dentists suggest you make denture maintenance part of your daily routine.

  1. Remove your dentures over a soft surface or sink full of water. Dentures can break if dropped.
  2. Rinse away loose food particles.
  3. Moisten your brush. Use a brush designed for cleaning dentures or a toothbrush with soft bristles.
  4. Apply denture cleanser to your brush.You can also use hand soap or mild dishwashing liquid.
  5. Brush every surface of your dentures, scrubbing gently.
  6. Rinse your dentures.
  7. Store your dentures in a denture soaking solution or in water.
  8. When you use your dentures, don’t “bite” them into place. This can damage the tissue supporting the dentures. Instead, seat them with finger and thumb pressure.

Ask your dentist if you have any questions about the best way for you to take care of your dentures. Also, receive periodic dental checkups.Your dentist will check for subtle changes in how the dentures fit, abnormal wear, tissue damage and irritation, and signs of oral cancer.