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Autumn, 2007
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Do you know your Dental IQ?

Dental quiz produces an action plan just for you

You brush your teeth and floss daily, and have regular dental checkups. What more can you do to improve your oral health?

To find out, take the My Dental IQ quiz, a new online tool from HumanaDental. The dental health risk assessment at MyDentalIQ.com immediately rates your
dental health knowledge and delivers a personalized action plan with health tips.
You’ll find out more about how periodontal (gum) disease can cause or aggravate
problems elsewhere—including heart disease, stroke, diabetes, and underweight babies
—and what you can do to improve your oral health.

Some oral health tips:

  • Pay attention to gum disease that may increase your risk for heart disease and stroke,
    especially if these conditions show up in your family history.
  • Eat the recommended amount of vegetables (one to three servings) every day
    to reduce your risk of heart disease, stroke, diabetes and cancer.
  • Print the calendar to make it fun for children to track their brushing
    and flossing, setting the foundation for good lifelong habits.

You can print a copy of your scorecard to discuss with your dentist at your next visit.

Complete My Dental IQ and take steps now to invest in your oral and overall health—they may help lower your total healthcare costs over time.