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BrushUp - quarterly newsletter

The BrushUp newsletter, sent with explanations of benefits/claim receipts, educates members about their benefits and dental hygiene.

Current Edition

Winter 2010 (PDF, 143 KB) PDF - Download
  • Your dental health and osteoporosis
  • Choosing a toothbrush: electric vs. manual
  • Don't overdue the toothpaste


Autumn 2009 (PDF, 194 KB) PDF - Download
  • Make the grade with A+ oral health
  • Cough medicine could lead to cavities
  • Protect your teeth from sports injuries
Summer, 2009 (PDF, 192 KB) PDF - Download
  • Sugarless gum can contribute to good oral health
  • You can help keep costs down by knowing how to spot fraud
  • Go green: receive your EOB by e-mail
Spring, 2009 (PDF, 192 KB) PDF - Download
  • Add a new toothbrush to your spring cleaning list
  • Sour candies can have a lasting effect on your teeth
  • Online tools help you understand your benefits
Winter, 2009 (PDF, 207 KB) PDF - Download
  • Relief for dry mouth
  • Are you losing sight of your eye health?
  • Try yogurt for a more beautiful smile
  • Take care with toothpicks

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